Get a Taste of EDM With Streamin Music Group (SMG)

Streamin Music Group (SMG) is an independent record label founded by Keshav Bhardwaj, who is popularly known as Klipr. The official launch of SMG in India was in 2018, and since then, the label has been a sensation in the country. The main operational base is in Delhi, and the objective is to reach audiences from all around the world.

Klipr has also released six new EP tracks, which has already made an impact on the audience. The tracks are available in Google Play, Apple Music, Spotify, and many other online digital platforms. Previously, the operation base was situated in Rotterdam, Netherlands but has now shifted to Delhi. The first track of SMG or Klipr Music Company was "Massive Music." It received a great response from the audience, and it reached more than 1 million views on YouTube in just a couple of months.

SMG and BlareMob

In 2019, SMG started carrying their operations in India. The main motive was to allow Indian music artists to show their music to the whole world, and simultaneously, the label was also working with artists from different parts of the world. Music by Klipr is the solo project that is currently released by SMG. Other than this, another project named BlareMob is also released in SMG, which is combined work by Himanshu Chhabra and Keshav Bhardwaj. Himanshu Chhabra was more fond of EDM's commercial side, and Keshav Bhardwaj was more into the dynamic and intense style of EDM. So, their combination produced music that was bold, exciting, and unique.

The recent tracks from BlareMob are mostly commercial, which shows both the artists' ability to blend various sounds. The tracks contain technical synth breakdowns and dance beats. Hence it is a great treat for the hard-core EDM lovers. SMG has many plans on performing at music festivals to promote SMG. Some of the well-known SMG tracks are Running Back, Leave Me, Connected, Stabbed, and many more that are cherished by all the EDM lovers around the world.

Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

Electronic Dance Music or EDM is a wide range of impact electronic music, mainly made for festivals, raves, and nightclubs. It is usually played by the DJ's who mix various songs. Many famous and well-established EDM artists like David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Marshmallow, and Hardwell play their songs at live concerts or festivals. EDM music has a great impact on the listeners, which is why it has become much more famous today. EDM is mostly related to parties and carnivals because it brings out some of the happiest emotions inside when you listen to them.

EDM is a type of music that is made to make you dance. It is the best kind of music to lift your spirits. Due to this quality, EDM can also help you with working out. EDM can enhance your workout sessions as the music is mostly dynamic and intense, which pushes you to work hard.

Currently, Electronic Dance Music is the hottest music genre and is liked by most people globally; with this kind of progression, Klipr Music will rise to great heights.

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Are you planning an event, maybe a wedding, or corporate party? Looking for vendors is so much more than just going to Google and looking up things like caterer, photographer, DJ, photo booth, etc. The vendor must fit your style to have a cohesive understanding. I have always tried to educate our clients or perspective clients on what to ask and look for in a vendor.

One of the first things I tell them is, ask the vendor if they are bonded and insured. Why is this important you ask? Its simple, the last thing you want to worry about is if a vendor damages something at the venue, you do not want to be the one that has to pay to cover the damages. A vendor should always carry liability insurance to protect the cleint, as well as themselves. If a vendor tells you they do have insurance ask them for their limits of coverage and if you book with them will they provide you with a copy of the policy. If they refuse to do so, then I would recommend moving on to a new vendor.

Next, I always tell the client to examine the vendors website, social media, and reviews. Websites and social media, are a great place to make sure what the vendor offers is a fit for you. It is also a great way to see the type of work they have done. Reviews are a little tricky, just because someone could just have a bad day and leave a bad review. Its a good thing to try and reach out to the person who leaves a bad review and ask them what exactly happened and if the company did anything to remedy the issue in a timely manner. Then ask someone who left a good review as to why they left a good review. Always get both good and bad.

Next, I let the client know its always good to ask the vendor if they are able to meet your needs in the time you need everything. Sometimes we are planning for things and the time frame is too short and the last thing you want is a vendor who cannot provide the services you are looking for in a short amount of time.

Finally, price. Price is a major factor in any decision we make on a daily basis. Do not be turned off because one vendor charges more for a service than someone else. It is OK to ask the vendor whty they charge this price over another vendor who charges a lesser fee. Every vendor has their reason for what they charge, but you should ask them and understand. Take me for example, there are other compettitors in my market that charge less for some services that I offer and I am OK with that. I know the value of the work I put in to make your experience unforgettable is worth every penny. Cheap is not quality work and quality work is not cheap.

Remember, do not be afraid to ask questions. A reputable vendor will always take the time to answer all your questions.

Everything I have said above is from personal interactions with clients and potential clients. is commited to AMAZE our clients day in and day out.

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No time to part

There is a fall in the moral standard
We often walk over broken words
Take no care to remind others
and such causing distrust and fears

We always love to preach
But fail to catch
the meaningful advice
and express the surprise

We are turning a blind eye
And try
With the different intentions
Thus fail in preserving the relation

As a result
There is a new cult
Among the people to put the false show
And think it is the proper way to grow

It is advisable
To make the struggle
And bring up the level
To present and excel

Why are we doing all these?
When it has no relevance!
No standing in the civilized world
And there is a solid argument

we want to become a millionaire
But don't want to work more
Put in no concerted efforts
And present it in parts

So it is worked out
And loudly talked about
with an easy way and the quick result
That is how we are making an efforts

Slow and steady wins the race
And authoritatively face
The situation in a favorable way
That is how we go ahead and firmly stay

Our society has dived the deep down
And made it known
That we live in the Dark Age!
And cause the damages

Why is there an increase in the crime rate?
Why do we decide somebody's fate?
We have no answer
We grow weaker day by day

We are expecting so much
But try not to reach
By hard labor
And with the constant show all over

We are forgetting one aspect
The ladies suffer more due to our acts
Even though they are rated respectably
More rape attempts are made by people daily

We shall have no time to shed tears
As everybody is threatened by the constant fears
Who knows very well that from which direction the danger may strike?
It is not the choice of our dislike or like

It is an open field
The views are not permanently held
But we are lacking resolve
So fail to solve

Let the things move
And we disprove
an entire approach
As not enough is done to reach

We have the limited stay
And may go away
much to everybody's surprise
With all of the sudden demise

Keep no hesitation
And make the strong foundation
It is essential to have a good rapport
To sail smoothly at the port

It is left to an own wisdom
And that fails seldom
The words are golden
as to have come down from the heaven

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Why turns sadness on me?
When I am free
And independent
At present

The spring gas sent some changes
I shall manage
It's color with an age
With the honor

and secure the place
I love holidays
as they show ways

In leisure time
you also can try sometime
I am one of those
Who has chosen?

No time limit is set for the goal
But I consistently responded to the call
Let us see how far it pays
And stays

with the luck in favor
I take it as the strong sign of the future
Despite all these
I have a simple choice

I prefer
Self-chosen path
And calm down with a deep breath
The death of the dear ones

It Always upsets us and takes
the heavy toll of the concentration
and develop the blurred vision
Abd blocks the mission

I get nowhere
and develop the fear
Whom should I confide?
So I consciously decide

Accept the refuge of nature
open up everything there
There is a lively atmosphere
and no one shall interfere

I think here about sadness
That always appears on the face
it reminds me of glorious spending in the past
I like it very much but it upsets

I grew under parent's shelter
So I had not to bother
They took full care
And always looked after everywhere

I was unable to act
Especially mother's face made me cry in fact
As a child, I felt it with shyness?
but failed to open up with frankness

I wanted to cry in open
As everything was lost in the past heaven
Nobody came to me with such kindness
As I was deep down with the finances

Here no sentiments work
Only firm stand and words play the great part
I was not only considered as the strict disciplinarian
But kind human too

I never insulted anyone
As my approach was the same and known
For me, everybody was considered an important
And that impression remained permanent

I was forced to reveal
outside world about my feelings
That I was also weak human being
even though I was considered powerful in the ring

I have done whatever I could
And in future too I would
something worries may take me over
yet I shall handle the crisis here

About the worldly affairs
I shall remain fair
and try not to be emotional
and keep it as personal

I shall surrender to the God
through prayers
and hold
belief with the golden words

I have decided to carry my burden
with blame on no one
my position has been made known
it shall be the sole responsibility of my own

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Streaming device is the invention which allows the private as well as the online access of the videos on the TV. Different devices come in different shapes and sizes. Streaming device is the great option to fulfill the all in one requirement of everyday entertainment routine. There are a handful of streaming devices which are running in the market such as Google chrome cast, Apple TV, Roku, NVIDIA Shield TV, and few more. All these gadgets have their own significance. These devices helps to run the online trend on the big screen. With the help of the streaming device, you can watch the videos on your TV that you watch most on the Laptops and mobile phones. This means that you don't have to compromise yourself with the short screen of the laptop. You can watch it on the big screen of the TV.

One of the most appealing features of the streaming device is that it is easy and simple to use. Some of the streaming devices are Apple TV Player, Chrome cast, Amazon Fire TV, NVIDIA Shield, and Roku. There is no such complication found in them s while using. Streaming devices save the space and make you away from the hassles of wires. There is the choice of channels that you can choose to subscribe. Some streaming gadgets promotes the privacy of the channels which means that you can operate the channel only after entering the PIN code that you have chosen. Some of the streaming devices allow 700+ channels and some of them are limited towards the content that they represent. There is an advantage of a free subscription to the channels. You have the option to operate the huge list of channels that you wish to watch. Trending channels which are offered are offering are Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video Prime, Sling TV, YouTube, and many more.

The characteristics and design of the streaming devices are made by keeping in mind different users. You can use your Smartphone as a remote of the device. On the other side, people who wish to get the standard remote like TV to control are benefited with the remote which is benefited along with the devices. There are other accessories which are also provided and those are remote, USB, and HDMI cable. All of these accessories are quite useful for its users to provide the comfort level. The invention of these innovative devices helped many individuals to make entertainment a priority and treat the entertainment taste bud the way it should be. Some devices allow you to play the games as well.

One of the finest benefits that streaming device offers you is the voice searches and operations. You are offered with 4K ultra high-definition. Some devices are flexible for example; Roku has various devices which you can take anywhere and everywhere. If you are going on vacation, you can connect your device to the TV in the hotel. You can record the shows and if those shows are online, then you can eliminate the recording hassle and view it anytime. Some people have time on weekends to view the television, they can watch the episodes, series, videos, and music that they missed watching throughout the weekend. A new feature that you can explore is the private listening. Here, you are allowed to listen to the content of the TV with your earphones. For example, Roku remote has the connectivity support of the earphones with which you can listen to everything with the help of earphones and eliminates others to know about your listening.

I am using a streaming device from past 8 months. I am so glad to have such invention in life as it allowed me to watch my favorite online series on TV. I went for a trip where I missed the show and streaming device [] allowed me to view after I came back home.

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It was September of 1943. Thirty-two year old Maria Caterina was a single woman helping to look after her younger sister and her father. Her four bothers were somewhere out in the war theatre of World War 2. No news has been received from them for quite some time now. Rumours circulated the village that at least two had been taken prisoner, but no-one knew for sure.

She took the usual walk down into the gully where her family vegetable garden lay on the steps dug out from the side of the mountain.

She climbed the ancient 'ficara', which meant fig tree in their local dialect. The base of the tree was so big that two people hugging it on opposite sides would not be able to join hands. She carefully made her way up a thick branch, slowly inching her way towards parts heavily laden with ripe figs.

She was wearing a 'fardale', dialect for an apron, and kept stuffing the pockets with freshly picked figs. She ate one, then another. They were so sweet. She stretched out to grab one particular fat juicy fruit when she thought she heard men's voices. They were shouting. She stopped to listen. Suddenly, something exploded near the base of the tree. Dust went up everywhere and she heard tiny objects whistling passed her ear, chopping down leaves and fruit as they flew by. She closed her eyes, and then all hell broke loose.

A group of soldiers came into her view, and they were running back towards the village. They were wearing German uniforms. She knew that because they had been occupying the village for months now. Not far behind them were other soldiers. They looked different and both groups were shooting at each other. One German got shot in the leg and two of his countrymen grabbed him leaving the man's rifle behind. She cursed as she realised she was in the middle of some battle... stuck, high on the ficara.

She closed her eyes and held on to the thick branch for her dear life. There was so much shouting, yelling and guns popping off all over the place. No-one had spotted her perched there, high up on the tree, but explosions continued. She felt the figs roll out of her pockets and drop to the ground underneath her. She was too busy holding on. It lasted only a few minutes but to Maria Caterina it felt an eternity.

This story was relayed to me personally by Maria Caterina, my aunt. It was fascinating to hear her recount this event, more than once. She died in 2006 only two months shy of her ninety-sixth birthday. This was her account of the Allied forces liberating her village of Santa Caterina dello Ionio located in the highlands of Calabria, province of Catanzaro. That fig tree was totally destroyed in the fires that went through that area, I think around 1987.

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"I'm afraid of Death," said my adult niece.

I don't know why this surprised me, but it did. Her fear brought the entire conversation to a halt because it was so strong that she couldn't even talk about it.

Death is a natural process that we all experience in 3-D. It happens to everyone at that level of Consciousness.

So why do we fear it?

Programming - by religious organizations to control us, to keep us in the fear matrix of 3-D duality consciousness.

The so-called corona virus is being used to revv up our fears and send us spiraling into states of confusion, panic, terror, and horror. This prevents us from thinking clearly, from asking questions unwanted by the government and others who seek to control us.

The "lockdown" is touted as a way to prevent people from getting sick, but it really is being used to isolate us, to limit our physical contact, which we need to be healthy physically and emotionally.

The goal seem to be to keep us small, limited, afraid, and isolated, and to get us to inject our bodies with whatever the controllers choose to put into what they are calling a vaccine.

BUT, and this is a very big BUT, there is SPIRITUAL GOOD NEWS if you choose to focus on that opportunity.

What if this whole situation is designed to get people to TURN WITHIN. To step back from everything they held onto that keeps them limited and small, and to give them an opportunity to question everything that they thought was true and real about their lives.

While there is chaos, there is opportunity to for new growth to emerge, new choices to be made, new adventures to be experienced.

And the greatest adventure of all is not, as Star Trek would have you believe, to go "where no man [or woman] has gone before."

The greatest adventure is to GO WITHIN and re-discover your Divinity, your True Self, and your infinite Divine nature.
This entire situation of lockdowns and masks, and fear-mongering messages (such as being told to "stay safe" 100 times a day) has the benefit, i.e., major Gold Nugget of giving you time and space to take a look at your life, to make new choices, to free you from your addiction to the material world, and to turn you back to your Soul, to your Divine Self.

If fear of death is keeping you small, you might read some books about NDE (Near Death Experiences). There are many good ones out there. They all demonstrate that what you believe is what you create.

Most people who have NDEs discover the Divine Truth of Infinite Love is readily available to them. They learn that they are the only one who is judging them. They often discover their Soul Purpose, and return to 3-D Consciousness with a strong desire to fulfill that purpose.

There are other ways to discover your Soul's purpose. You don't have to have an NDE to find out what it is. The important thing to remember is that your Soul does have a purpose for your life.

Remember, you have already been told that:
God is Love.
You were created from Love.
The Divine Self lives within you as You.
Infinite Love is the only Truth.
Everything else is illusion.

What will you choose? What kind of reality do you want to continue to experience?

One based on fear?

Or one based on Love?

One based on duality and conflict?

Or one based on unity and cooperation?

One based on limitation?

Or one based on expansion, which leads to great experiences of creativity, joy, and Love?

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