General Data Protection Regulation

Introduction to GDPR: The Who, What, When, Why, and Where of GDPR

Why IT professional should learn about GDPR - it is law in all countries that are members of European Union (EU) and the countries working with European Union or having clientele in European Union countries.

Why GDPR Exist - the core reason to protect the people fundamental rights i.e. Right of Privacy.

Why do we need GDPR - EU Data protection passed in 1995 and as technology evolves there is so many changes in data.

Whom it apply - GDPR applies to organizations that do anything with data about people.


It apply all the organization in EU and all those organization who works with EU i.e. offering goods and services in EU or monitoring behavior.


Simply to say GDPR applies to all organization inside EU or Outside EU who works with people of EU.

GDPR have 06 principles


  1. Data uses is fair and expected
  2. Just have data that's Necessary
  3. All data must be accurate
  4. Delete when finished
  5. Keep data secure
  6. BE accountable.

What is the risk of non-compliance to GDPR?


1. Reputation - if organization is not complaint with GDPR it means people might not trust that company.

2. Fine and penalties if not following GDPR - fine could be Euro 20 million or 4% global turnover of organization

3. Liability risk - people / customer who are using organization services they can sue the organization if there data is misused or leaked.

In each country has a local Data protection authority. In India there is no such authority but Data protection covers under the IT ACT (70). It is punishable offence and person can get jail term for 3 year or fine of Rs. 5,00,000/-

Let's understand GDPR in detail -

GDPR Article 1 - "This regulation lays down rules relating to the protection of living humans with regard to processing anything with personal Data... "


  1. Living humans - means we "people" belongs to any geography.
  2. Processing of personal data - means doing anything or something with data i.e. Collecting, analytics, using, recording, structuring, consultation, retrieval, transmission or be anything.
  3. Personal data - any information relating to and identified or identifiable living human i.e. Social Security number, PAN number, driving licenses.

Three key terms in GDPR



  1. Data subjects - it's the data of the people whom they work for and who are working for them means customers or employees
  2. Data controller - means where the data controls i.e. information once you login, your work and act you perform
  3. Data processors - where data process, like organization are using cloud services to process the data, it could be AWS or any cloud. Both Data controllers and Data Processors process (do anything with) personal Data. Companies or government can be data controllers or processors.

GDPR regulations -


GDPR splits in to 02 parts


  1. Recitals - 173 recitals in count
  2. Articles - 99 articles in count

GDPR principles in details


1). Fair and expected - let's discuss in detail, the all processing of data is lawful, fair and transparent. Transparent means - when you are collecting data you should tell people what are you going to do with data, and why.

2). Fair - balancing the fundamental rights and freedoms of person whose data it is, with the rights of holding his/her data for further processing means, A financial website can't share people personal data with other companies without consent of people.

3) Lawful - there are six reasons of processing the data -


  • Consent from data subject
  • Contract from data subject
  • Legal obligation - companies are bound to share data with government authorities.
  • Vital interests.
  • Public interest / official authority - processing of your personal data like Siebel for your financial status.
  • Legitimate interests.

Key Data Protection Concepts and Principles: All Processing Must Be Lawful


Besides above 6 principle there is special category data which can't be allowed for processing or need special approval from Government authorities.

The categories are


  • Allowing Discrimination - race, religion, political party or trade union membership.
  • Genetic / biometric Data,
  • Health,
  • Sexual life/orientation

But still if organization or person wants to process the Special category data in that case they need another good reason and these are 6.



  • Explicit consent from data subject
  • Employment - context about employment under special category
  • Vital interests - healthcare
  • Substantial public interest
  • What an organization does
  • public health processing special category data

(Disclaimer - if you are looking for some government specify information on GDPR in that case you should check with a Lawyer who can consult about GDPR)

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Facebook is considered as one of the most boosted social media and networking service used by millions of people to interact, market and covenant into a conversation. Being used as a mediator of contact and connect of information, informal chats, marketing and enterprise activities it is protected by a user name and password to authenticate the correct user and protect the system and profile from any unethical misrepresentation and approach.
Sometimes computer jocks also known as hackers engage in some unethical involvement and use the private data of the user for misdeed. FACEBOOK has been used by people for storing certain important information or consists of some confidential enclosure of matter which is unethically impinged by hackers. Due to frail security catch up such profiles became the hunt of other people and the information is misused. Breaking in to the password of Facebook is not so tough unless protected by enhanced security.
An external USB cable is connected with the host computer and it stores every stoke of movement made on the keyboard on the external device. The drive include the program with in it, it saves all the information about the movement and the software deduce the information.
Though it is the most difficult method used to retrieve the information but it still widely used by the professional hacker' entails creating of a fake login page account and sending the page to the user and once user filled the login details, all the information can be taken.
It is used to hack the accounts that are in close proximity of the is related to connecting of the user with a fake wireless connection and once the user it tricked,all the details can be retrieved.
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1) STRONG PASSWORD: Always choose a login id thatisnot so common and cannot be easily deduced
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5) LOGG OFF ACCOUNT: once you are done working with your account, always log it off.this prevent the account from fire sheep.
6) LOG IN APPROVALS: This method can help a lot in shielding the is extremely useful as the user get the update when the account is logged in.even if the account is being used by someone unethically the user will be notified for such access and an action can be taken.

CYBER PROTECTION is extremely important in the techno-giant world where everything is being performed online. Unethical dissemination of information can cause a lot of problems for the user. Professional help can guide a long way to prevent such encroachments.
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A top-line customer experience is a key to business success. It is the goal of every company, but in today's environment has become much more challenging due to the repercussions of the ongoing pandemic.

As the workforce and consumers become more virtual, potential customers are increasingly turning to software and online services to meet their needs, and businesses need to find and leverage the appropriate technology to serve them.

It begins by building a strong business technology foundation. One built on what has become the "seven pillars of the customer experience". These seven pillars can serve as a model for those executives grappling with this fast-changing digital transformation. These include...

1. Continuity. Businesses need to roll with the punches and maintain continuous operations when circumstances change quickly. If technology failed you when employees transitioned to remote work, it's time to implement secure remote access and equip your team with the appropriate devices and software.

2. Communication. Modern customers expect to be able to get in touch with you easily and conveniently. When they reach out, they want to make certain they are heard. Minimizing wait time for responses and resolutions makes people feel cared for, especially when there are systems in place that keep them updated along the way.

This can include responding effectively via email, phone, and online outreach channels. Utilizing Cloud tools for efficient use with documents, forms, and templates, and implementing VOIP phone systems to help route calls, monitor communications, record calls, and more.

Good customer communication can be facilitated by giving employees accurate and up-to-date customer and business data. It will help with clear and effective communications during the entire customer experience.

3. Software. Depending on the nature of your company, your software needs may go much deeper than communication. Your IT team or an outsourced Managed Service Provider (MSP), can get access to the right tools and advanced integrations that bring it all together. They can help customize software to configure it for your specific business needs.

4. Security. Some consumers are still nervous about moving their customer experiences to the digital realm. They are wise to be cautious about security. Cybersecurity should be enhanced to the highest levels, if necessary, to build trust and make everyone confident that their customer data is safe.

5. Training. Employees should feel confident and comfortable with the technology systems they rely on to do their jobs. Customers get uneasy when the staff is struggling and getting frustrated. Better tools, role-based configurations, and effective training will help eliminate headaches.

6. Data Protection. Protecting data is a major focus on any customer service plan. However it is only part of what an IT team or an outsourced MSP can do. Better IT also produces better data in the first place, which allows you to refine business processes and improve the customer experience.

7. IT Recovery Solutions. Do you remember the time your company was down for a minute but got right back online? Probably not, because there's nothing to remember. Downtime that lasts hours or days, though, is much more memorable and can create problems for employees and customers alike.

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If you are on this page, chances are there you want to get familiar with a new technology called visual slam. Basically, this technology is based on computer vision and offers accurate location data to vehicles, drones, machines, and robots. But the first question is, what SLAM is and what does it do. In this article, we are going to give answers to these questions. Read on to find out more.

Visual SLAM plays an important role as far as the new industrial revolution is concerned. So, we're going to get a little insight into this aspect as well.

SLAM is short for Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping. This technology has been going through a lot of development. The use of this technology continues to increase in a lot of industries including the computer vision community. It has a special appeal to virtual reality industries as well as the automation and robotics sector.

As a matter of fact, SLAM can help address a lot of localization problems faced by a lot of industries over the years.

The good news is that there is a variety of SLAM systems out there. Now, let us get back to the basics of this phenomenon.

What is SLAM?

First of all, this term does not refer to specific software or algorithm. Instead, it represents the issue of simultaneous localization of a particular device, such as robots for vehicles with respect to the surroundings. Apart from this, it also helps create an environmental map.

It works in several ways and is not restricted to specific computer vision topics. The good news is that it may work with a lot of other technologies as well. Some good examples include LiDARS and Laser scanners. So, you can say that this technology is quite innovative. It can help create a new partition positioning algorithm to facilitate a variety of industries out there.

There is a difference between the SLAM problem and other technologies we are familiar with. For example, the use of a fixed camera for 3D construction or mapping has nothing to do with SLAM. The reason is that the position of these cameras is already fixed. The role of SLAM is to find out the map structure and pose of the device when the information that is not known before.

It is important to keep in mind that this is one of the primary features of this technology. As a matter of fact, computation of the powers and creation of the map simultaneously is what makes this technology different from other systems. Moreover, the location of the camera is updated continuously.

Long story short, hopefully, now you are familiar with this technology and the role it plays in a variety of sectors. If you are a business owner and want to update your systems, we suggest that you try out the visual SLAM technology. With the help of this technology, you can get a lot of things done and improve your business significantly.

If you are looking for more information about visual slam patents, we suggest that you check out vSLAM patents.

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