Why Turns Sadness

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Date : December 18, 2020

Why turns sadness on me?
When I am free
And independent
At present

The spring gas sent some changes
I shall manage
It's color with an age
With the honor

and secure the place
I love holidays
as they show ways

In leisure time
you also can try sometime
I am one of those
Who has chosen?

No time limit is set for the goal
But I consistently responded to the call
Let us see how far it pays
And stays

with the luck in favor
I take it as the strong sign of the future
Despite all these
I have a simple choice

I prefer
Self-chosen path
And calm down with a deep breath
The death of the dear ones

It Always upsets us and takes
the heavy toll of the concentration
and develop the blurred vision
Abd blocks the mission

I get nowhere
and develop the fear
Whom should I confide?
So I consciously decide

Accept the refuge of nature
open up everything there
There is a lively atmosphere
and no one shall interfere

I think here about sadness
That always appears on the face
it reminds me of glorious spending in the past
I like it very much but it upsets

I grew under parent's shelter
So I had not to bother
They took full care
And always looked after everywhere

I was unable to act
Especially mother's face made me cry in fact
As a child, I felt it with shyness?
but failed to open up with frankness

I wanted to cry in open
As everything was lost in the past heaven
Nobody came to me with such kindness
As I was deep down with the finances

Here no sentiments work
Only firm stand and words play the great part
I was not only considered as the strict disciplinarian
But kind human too

I never insulted anyone
As my approach was the same and known
For me, everybody was considered an important
And that impression remained permanent

I was forced to reveal
outside world about my feelings
That I was also weak human being
even though I was considered powerful in the ring

I have done whatever I could
And in future too I would
something worries may take me over
yet I shall handle the crisis here

About the worldly affairs
I shall remain fair
and try not to be emotional
and keep it as personal

I shall surrender to the God
through prayers
and hold
belief with the golden words

I have decided to carry my burden
with blame on no one
my position has been made known
it shall be the sole responsibility of my own

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